Install Tekkit Lite

UPDATE: We have simplified the process to install Tekkit Lite. Simply select Tekkit Lite from the server selection menu in the control panel, and tekkit lite should automatically be installed for you. If this fails, you can follow the guide below:

Prepare your server

1. In the Multicraft control panel, stop your server if you're running one and back up its world and important files.

Prepare Tekkit

2. Download the latest version of the Tekkit Server or the Tekkit Lite Server from their website.
3. Extract the server files into a temporary location on your computer.
4. Delete and launch.bat as these files are not needed when hosting Tekkit with us.

Upload Tekkit to your server

If you're installing Tekkit:
Upload the all the sub folders (redpower, plugins, mods, config and buildcraft) and the file mod_EE.props to the root of your server using FTP.

If you're installing Tekkit Lite:
Upload the all the sub folders (config, coremods, and mods)  to the root of your server using FTP.

6. Upload Tekkit.jar or TekkitLite.jar and minecraft_server.jar into the jar folder of your server.

Configure Multicraft for Tekkit

7. In the Multicraft control panel, set the JAR file to "Tekkit.jar" or "TekkitLite.jar" and the JAR dropdown to "default" so that it looks like this:

8. Start your Tekkit server.
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