Server Backups

There are two kinds of backups that we offer to all our clients;

First, the backups that you, the client, manages:
In the control panel you are able to create and restore backups manually on your own doing - these backups are stored locally on the same server, and are mainly intended for incase you make a mistake on your own server and wish to revert your changes back to a known working state.

The second type of backups, we, Area 52 Hosting, manages:
We automatically, each night take a backup of your entire server, and store it on a offsite location. These backups are kept for the life of your account. These backups will help incase of the very rare event of a hardware malfunction (we have never needed to restore a backup due to a hardware malfunction). However, clients often contact us requesting a backup of a script, a map, or a full restore of their minecraft server because of a mistake that they have made, or a plugin that corrupted their maps.

Either way, you are protected. 

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